Valuable Insights from Clinical Data that increase Health Equity

Clinical NLP Solutions


Speech Recognition

▪︎ Transcription of clinical notes for efficient EHR data entry
▪︎ Front-end speech recognition with back-end error detection and correction
▪︎ Deep learning algorithms in data mining applications

Clinical Documents

▪︎ Speech-to-text dictation and formulated data entry at point of care
▪︎ Convert EHR data into structured, searchable content
▪︎ Pull pertinent data from other emerging sources
▪︎ Improved analytics to drive Population Health Management and Value Based Care efforts

Data Mining Research

▪︎ Augment clinical decision-making and strengthen medical know-how via data mining integration
▪︎ Establish cyclic technology for knowledge discovery informing value-based business strategy
▪︎ Streamline regulatory reporting with value extraction and discretization (Automated Registry Reporting)

Automated Medical Coding

▪︎ Increased medical coder productivity without reducing quality with NLP-driven Computer-assisted Coding (CAC)
▪︎ Extract and interpret clinical data to suggest diagnosis, capture codes, and maximize claims

Clinical Decision Support

Technology should augment a clinician's ability to check symptoms and diagnose

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Because technology is constantly changing, Koalingo’s clinical experts and technologists customize every Health IT solution to your specific needs and resources.



Koalingo’s policies and procedures aim to protect our clients and their patients by respecting HIPAA regulations as well as all legislation governing communities outside the United States. Moreover, Koalingo’s patient-centered approach to data aims to preserve patient control and ease of access to their information.

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Koalingo’s data scientists and machine learning experts are prepared to collect, structure, and process data in a meaningful way. Our goal is to augment your capacity for effective patient outreach, education, and treatment. Through cutting-edge technology, Koalingo personalizes care, streamlines workflows, and strengthens the decision-making process.

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Our Story

Koalingo's mission is to support health care providers via responsible innovations that reduce the burden of repetitive administrative tasks, support the shift toward outcome-based care, and enrich the decision-making process.

In 2016, Koalingo's founder, Juan Duvanced, brought together clinical experts, AI project managers, and medical data scientists to harness and guide the power of machine learning towards affordable, scalable, and tailored digital health solutions with actionable data insights.

After 20 years of working among vulnerable communities, Juan had decided to combine his love for technology with his extensive social equity experience. Losing his father to cancer a month before his son's birth was the catalyst that would bring about Koalingo in 2019.


Our Team

Juan Pablo Duvanced

Founder and Managing Director

Rama Shiva

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Young

Platform Lead | Solutions Architect

Rahul Sharma

 AI Project Manager

& Business Analyst

Manijeh 'Mani' Berenji, MD

Clinical Expert &

Business Analyst

Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, MD

Primary Health Care Specialist
Health Disparities Expert

Michael Parchman, MD, MHP

Primary Care

System Design & Improvement

Luiz Augusto Carneiro

Health Economist | Actuary

Rajib Kumar De

Senior Data Scientist
NLP Expert


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