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Machine Learning & NLP

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Health Literacy and
Language Barriers
  • Increase personal connection with patients

  • Enable positive behavior change

  • Support participant retention

  • Identify other barriers to care

Access to Virtual Care
and Online Training
  • Increase access to care services

  • Improve service quality and productivity

  • Optimize interagency collaborations

  • Encourage life-long learning

Community Outreach
and Engagement
  • Community-led design and intervention 

  • Build trust and relationships

  • Bridge health and social care sectors

  • Foster inclusion and participation to reflect the makeup of the population at large

Community Insights
and Development
  • Focus on key actionable measures

  • Uncover data intersectionality

  • Document inequities and take action

  • Tailored-access to essential data (dashboards)

  • Evidence-informed decision making


How can emerging digital health solutions best support vulnerable communities impacted by Covid-19?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has amplified pre-existing barriers to quality healthcare, especially when it comes to the delivery of healthcare services. Thus, a variety of digital health solutions are being designed and implemented to address these challenges.

Nevertheless, many communities still lack access to these technologies, raising questions of how digital health can actually help increase access to adequate healthcare without simultaneously exacerbating chronic health inequities.

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