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Koalingo's mission is to bridge the gap between health and social care services by leveraging 'responsible innovations' that reduce the burden of repetitive administrative tasks, support the shift toward outcome-based care, and enrich the decision-making process.

Since 2016, Koalingo's founder, Juan Duvanced, has been bringing together health professionals, social care organizations, and technologists to harness and guide the power of machine learning towards affordable, scalable, and tailored digital health solutions with actionable data insights.

After 20 years of working among vulnerable communities, Juan decided to combine his love for technology with his extensive social equity experience. Losing his father to cancer a month before his son's birth was the catalyst that would bring about Koalingo in 2019.

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Meet the Team


Juan P. Duvanced

  • LinkedIn

Founder and Managing Director


Rama Shiva

  • LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer


Ian Young

  • LinkedIn

Platform Lead | Solutions Architect


Manijeh 'Mani' Berenji, MD

  • LinkedIn

Clinical Expert & Business Analyst


Rajib Kumar De

  • LinkedIn

Senior Data Scientist

NLP Expert


Luiz Augusto Carneiro

  • LinkedIn

Health Economist | Actuary

Screenshot 2019-10-15 08.00.26.png

Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, MD

  • LinkedIn

Primary Health Care Specialist
Health Disparities Expert

Screenshot 2019-10-15 07.58.56.png

Michael Parchman, MD, MHP

  • LinkedIn

Primary Care

System Design & Improvement


Dilip Merala

  • LinkedIn

Technical Program Manager

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