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Data Analytics

& Insights

  • Enhance partnerships

  • Analyze unstructured and semistructured data

  • Identify risky behaviors

  • Determine promising public health interventions 

  • Automate systematic data reviews and analyses

Speech Recognition

  • Transcription of clinical notes for efficient EHR data entry

  • Front-end speech recognition with back-end error detection and correction

  • Deep learning algorithms in data mining applications


Automated Medical Coding

  • Increased medical coder productivity without reducing quality with NLP-driven Computer-assisted Coding (CAC)

  • Extract and interpret clinical data to suggest diagnosis, capture codes, and maximize claims


Clinical Documents

  • Speech-to-text dictation and formulated data entry at the point of care

  • Convert EHR data into structured, searchable content

  • Pull pertinent data from other emerging sources

  • Improved analytics to drive Population Health Management and Value-Based Care efforts


Data Mining Research

  • Augment clinical decision-making and strengthen medical know-how via data mining integration

  • Establish cyclic technology for knowledge discovery informing value-based business strategies

  • Streamline regulatory reporting with value extraction and discretization (Automated Registry Reporting)

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